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2022 All-Star & Super Bowl Teams

By BRSLL, 08/15/22, 10:30PM PDT


The following coaches and players have been selected to represent BRSLL in the upcoming District 52 All-Star and Superbowl Tournaments. Please join us in congratulating them and good luck in your respective tournaments! 

Details on tournament brackets can be found at

All Stars Teams

Little League Majors All-Star Team:

Lucas Ateya
Lucas Chan
Luke Evans
Alex Jordan
Karam Kayali
Jack Lang
Nicolai Liu
Jacob Shinseki
Cooper Tsang
Nathan Tuan
Lucca Williams
Jeremy Yam
Brandon Yang

Manager - Ernie Chan

10/11 All-Star Team:

Lucas Jordan
Franco Koutoulas
Landon Lee
Dylan Loring
Jesse Nelson
Mason Paul
Heath Schumacher
Logan Stinson
Robert Tadlock
Will Tadlock
Anthony Talavera
Youzen Trotter
CJ Webster

Manager - Jeremy Stinson

9/10 All-Star Team:

Brady Dolan
Parker Elliott
Vincent Ferrari
Eli Kim
Jonathan Kunz
Matthew Lo
Caleb Mooney
Dhruv Prathipati
James Pyrz
Nickolas Ramirez-Winkler
Scott Timmons
Colin Walton
Conor Zoss

Manager - Nathaniel Ferrari

Juniors All-Star Team:

Sohum Berry
Marco Carmona
Jamison Elliott
Zachary Freiermuth
Ben Gutierrez
Krish Hirani
Adam Hyman
Trevor Kidd
Danny Muscolina
Manvir Narang
Akhil Pillai
Tyler Wells

Manager - David Elliott

Intermediate All-Star Team:

Ava Allen
Hayden Amurao
Garrett Andrews
Ryan Attard
Giancarlo Enferadi
Orion Gurskis
Kai Hoogerbeets
Ronan Hu
Ryan Kelly
Arnav Prathipati
Elliot Sternke
Caden Stinson
Jayden Young

Manager - Josh Young

Superbowl Teams
Please join us in congratulating the players who will represent our league on the Super Bowl teams. These teams represent the next tier of play and all play in one single-elimination tournament just after our regular season ends. The Super Bowl is a District-52 invention designed to get more kids involved in post-season play and has become a signature event of our district.

Please join us in congratulating the following players, managers and coaches that have been chosen to represent our league.

Majors Superbowl:

Zach Brier
Christian Cooke
Chloe Cresson
Bennett Cruz
Caleb Kim
Kou Miwa
Tyler Rosen 
Julian Ungar-Salazar
Cooper Van Why
Grayson Waters
Samuel Wright
Alex Yang

Manager - Norm Cruz

Minors Superbowl 1:

Jaxon Cagle
Taylor Dobie
Declan Emberley
Arjun Narang
Ethan Shim
Van Sloan
Oliver Sternke
Stefanos Stevenson
Matthew Strothkamp
Andrew Vendola
Andre Zabrouskov

Manager - Sean Dobie

Minors Superbowl 2:

James Andrews 
Michael Ateya
Amay Berry
Ryne Hinkle
Lucas Janin
Mateo Marquez
Vinny Rogers
Jack Sidey
Diego Soto
Owen Wagner
Aaron Zetter

Manager - Brian Rogers